Photography: Understanding Exposure (a live webinar workshop with Edwin Celestino)

I'm inviting everyone to attend a one of a kind workshop about Photography, and this is the 1st webinar workshop about photography, you can attend the webinar (that's web seminar) at home or at Station 168 internet shop, you need to have an fast internet connection and computer if you plan to attend at home. There are 3 sessions, 1 webinar workshop, 1 photo shoot activity and face to face meet event, and 1 feedback and review sessions online.

An expensive camera does not automatically produce good pictures. Taking a good photograph comes from knowing the technical basics and developing your artistic "eye". Learn how the technical complements the artistic through this webinar workshop series by Edwin Celestino.

FEB 18 THURS 7PM-9PM - Online class
FEB 20 SAT 10AM onwards - Face to Face
FEB 22 MON 7PM-9PM - Online feedback & review

The Feb 18 session will cover the techniques of exposure in relation to taking a good picture. The factors involved in achieving good exposure as well as the relationship to shutter speed, ISO and aperture will also be discussed. The Feb 20 session will be a walk around the Manila Bay area where students can experiment and apply what they've learned. On Feb 22, the class will re-convene online to share their pictures and to get feedback.

Speaker Bio:
Edwin Celestino is one of the Philippines' foremost fashion and commercial advertising photographers. With almost 30 years of experience and a client list ranging from Rustan's, ShoeMart, designers Ben Farrales, Cesar Gaupo, Lulu Tan Gan, Frederick Peralta, and Pitoy Moreno, and celebrities Kuh Ledesma and Nanette Inventor, his work has been published in the coffee table books; TAO: The Filipino People, KASALAN: Philippine Weddings, Philippine Costumes, and in the magazines Design And Architecture, InStyle and LifeStyle Asia. He is now transferring his knowledge to the new generation, first as a teacher in the UST College of Fine Arts and for the past 5 years, in the DLS-College of St. Benilde.

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New Cinema Theatre


and love this too, the building have this great preservation of the vintage feel
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Oriente cinema


i love this old building design of Oriente cinema in Colon, Cebu
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distorted me


some portrait shot at the parking lot
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CIT building # 2


awesome building
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CIT building


Cebu Institute of Technology
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Anti fire and rosary


saw this fire extinguisher and a rosary inside the van
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Pinya mobile


pineapple shape hanging mobile
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Low tide beach


awesome sight of a low tide area
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Mr. Crabby


hello lunch!!
here at Fredie's Sutukil
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Lapu Lapu statue # 3


bust statue of Lapu Lapu
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Lapu Lapu statue # 2


macho statue of Lapu Lapu
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mini bahay kubo


saw this bahay kubo behind sutukil
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close up with red


saw this flower at the Lapu Lapu shrine
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made of coral reefs


I heard that this tower like monument is made of coral reefs
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1st pinoy hero


the big metal name plate of Lapu Lapu

camera : Olympus E520
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checking in

time to check in and have some rest here in a hotel in Cebu City

camera: Samsung ST 550
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Me and the Cebu Institute of Technology


some portrait shot with the logo

camera : Samsung ST 550
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Kevin and the Cebu Institute of Technology

just met Kevin Ray Chua and Billy of Cebu Bloggers Society at CIT, we're going to have a blog meet up and also a Voters Education event by Political Arena, Comelec and Bagong Botante

camera : Samsung ST 550
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Low tide

i'm still at Sutukil food stop, this is the view at the back, low tide and some mangroves, after a few hour I saw the water is getting higher and close to us

camera : Samsung ST 550
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Sutukil food


we ate our lunch meal at Ferdies Sutukil, you will select some fresh sea foods and they will cook it for you

camera : Samsung ST 550


i love this fish! but forgot the name of it


mas masarap pa din yung luto ni mama
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Lapu Lapu statue


my first visit and photo op in Cebu

camera : Samsung ST 550
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inside the space craft


going down!! now!

camera: Samsung ST 550
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Crystal the Cebu Pacific stewardess


she's looking at me every minute ( just kidding!) hahahaha

camera : Samsung ST 550
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Cebu Pacific Airline


that's our ride! 
it's kinda suck that my luggage lock was gone or lost after I claim it back when we arrived in Cebu. I'm glad that my stuff are still complete

camera: Samsung ST 550
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my first step


my first step entering the NAIA 3

camera: Samsung ST 550
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my first time here at NAIA 3, this is the place to go if you will ride a Cebu Pacific airlines

camera: Samsung ST 550
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nazareno 2010

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meeting with the geeks
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the joys of collecting toys

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2 awesome brand


adidas and star wars
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@ saguijo
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kasama ko si bitoy
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@ San Miguel Beer Pale Pilsen event
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Levi's fashion


models in Levi's jeans

camera: Olympus E520
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the modern vintage button


Levi's jeans new design for their Modern Vintage Collection

camera: Olympus E520 with pop up flash filter
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The bloggers


group photo with our bloggers

camera: Olympus E520
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The Spam Jam


Saw this new food station infront of Science Discovery Center in SM MOA, I think this is the 2nd Spam Jam outlet, and I know the first outlet closed down years ago.

camera: Olympus E520
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with Sarah Geronimo


self portrait shot with Sarah Geronimo at the Cebuana Lhuiller event in Shangri La Hotel Makati

camera: Olympus E520 with flash pop up filter
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Pinoy Photo Blogger post test 2


my test post using my Olympus E20 DSLR with flash pop up filter
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Pinoy Photo Blogger post test 1


my test post here in my new Pinoy Photo Blogger blog using Canon IXUS 120is digital camera.
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